Michelle Stein

Former Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager; Neuberger Berman

Michelle is a retired Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of Neuberger Berman, a private, independent, employee-owned investment management firm.

Michelle retired in 2021 after 42 years at the firm. Prior to joining Neuberger Berman, Michelle pursued a career in music where she earned a Master of Science in Music Education (MSE) degree and began a doctorate degree with a focus on experimental research in Music Education.

In 1979 she decided to change her career path. She took a position at Neuberger Berman as a secretary in the Research Department. In 1983 she was promoted to the position of Research Analyst and shortly thereafter joined one of the established money management teams as an Associate Portfolio Manager and earned an MBA at night. In 1987 Michelle began to build her own money management business and in 1994 she began her own independent money management group within the firm, being only one of two women portfolio managers at the time. In 2002, as a Managing Director, Michelle joined her established money management business with two other established Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Managers at the firm. This relationship continued until she retired.

In 2018 Michelle started on her path to retirement by transitioning her money management business to two colleagues she had brought into her group and continued with the group to solidify the transition as a Senior Advisor to those colleagues for three years, ending in March 2021.

Since retirement, Michelle has been actively pursuing her family history and continuing her philanthropic activities. Philanthropy has been a constant throughout her career.

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