Kirsten Hochberg

Founder and Managing Partner, Omega Partner Solutions

Kirsten is the Founder and Managing Partner at Omega Partner Solutions.  She serves on the advisory board at Pure Plus, Hi!, and WE Global Studios. She advises and consults with companies, with specialties in operations, negotiations, and supply chain management.

Kirsten worked as a Principal in the Valor Operations Group. Her responsibilities included interim executive management, supply chain improvements, lean implementations, project management, business process improvement and supporting portfolio companies in a variety of growth initiatives across industries as diverse as consumer goods, restaurants, and cyber security. Prior to joining Valor, Kirsten was the CEO of Northern Quinoa Production Corporation (NQPC). Before joining NQPC she served as the VP of Supply Chain Strategic Initiatives, leading the merger integration between Safeway and Albertsons’ supply chains.

Kirsten earned her BS in International Relations from Stanford University and her Master’s of Engineering in Supply Chain Management from MIT-Zaragoza. Kirsten has lived in four countries, speaks five languages and was a two-time national karate champion. In her free-time she enjoys adventurous travel and gardening.

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