Brian Kuhn

Co-Founder & Co-Leader; Baker McKenzie Machine Learning Practice

Together with his Co-Founder, Danielle Benecke, Brian is responsible for leading and developing the Baker McKenzie Machine Learning Practice. His mission is to improve client, internal, and social outcomes by combining the firm's historical data and practitioner expertise with data science and machine learning to build revenue-producing AI solutions. Brian and Danielle lead a growing team of data scientists, engineers, and architects, combining advanced technology, business understanding, and human-centered design to help clients imagine, develop, and implement measurable change.

Before joining Baker Mckenzie, Brian built two digital innovation consultancies from the ground up: IBM Watson Legal, for IBM, and Elevate Digital Strategy and Solutions, for Elevate Services. Both practices launched multiple first-of-a-kind offerings.

Brian is a frequent speaker on digital change and business implications of artificial intelligence at technology events in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He is a former practicing lawyer.

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